Himalayan Salt

27 10 2009

Its kind of odd seeing innovation in something as simple, classic and essential as salt but it’s happening.  If you haven’t heard it’s called Himalayan Salt.  Actually calling it innovation wouldn’t be the right word as Himalayan Salt has been around for 250 million years.


Mined from the Salt Range of Pakistan this is supposed to be a miracle salt.  Not just better than traditional salt, but it’s actually good for you!  One improvement you may see after switching from table salt to Himalayan Salt is an increase in energy levels. Your body needs salt to function but traditional table salt is actually only 35% salt.  After consuming salt your body needs to break it down, this uses up a lot of energy. Processed foods contain too much salt as it is and most people even sprinkle more on top of that.  The extra salt causes you to waste energy and it uses up your bodies water reserve trying to do so.  The salt that isn’t broken down causes fat and cellulite on your body.

Now, you may be thinking ‘But I eat sea-salt isn’t that better than traditional salt for me?’ Well, you would be correct but it still isn’t good for you.  The water sea-salt comes from is polluted and contains high levels of heavy-metals.  Himalayan Salt doesn’t need to be refined after its mined as there’s no clay, stones, or heavy-metal in it.  It’s actually referred to as ‘salt diamond’ because of how pure it is.


If you end up buying Himalayan Salt and find you don’t like it for some reason it can also be used to bathe in. You may be familiar with Himalayan Salt but not even know it.  Most Rock lamps are actually made of Himalayan Salt Rock.  Using salt as opposed to real rock allows the light to penetrate and glow through better.


I found this list online explaining the benefits Himalayan Salt can have on your body:

1. Regulating the water content throughout your body.

2. Promoting a healthy pH balance in your cells, particularly your brain cells.

3. Promoting blood sugar health and helping to reduce the signs of aging.

4. Assisting in the generation of hydroelectric energy in cells in your body.

5. Absorption of food particles through your intestinal tract.

6. Supporting respiratory health.

7. Promoting sinus health.

8. Prevention of muscle cramps.

9. Promoting bone strength.

10. Regulating your sleep — it naturally promotes sleep.

11. Supporting your libido.

12. Promoting vascular health.

13. In conjunction with water it is actually essential for the regulation of your blood pressure.



Jalapeno Raspberry Jam

18 10 2009

Price: $4

Bought at: Inglewood Farmers Market

Homemade jam flavour with a hint of jalapeno.

When I first saw this in my kitchen I figured it’ll be another unopened jar that sits in my cupboard.  The same cupboard you go to and grab a couple jars when you get invited to that last minute Christmas party as a ‘thanks for having us’ (even though you know they’ll re-gift it).

Well to my surprise I saw it open in the fridge a couple days later.  Ignoring my initial ‘odd combination’ reaction I figured I’ll give it a try.  I toasted cinnamon raisin bread, spread some of the jam on and packed it for my commute.  It took a few bites to get used to the contrast in flavours but to my surprise it works.  The jalapeno wasn’t nearly as evident as I thought it would be.  The sweet raspberry flavour could have minimized the jalapeno heat or the jalapeno could have been added for its flavour and not spice.  Either way it was a pleasant surprise and it tasted great.


Unfortunately, before I was able to get a picture of the jar it fell from the fridge and broke during our Thanksgiving frenzy.  Here’s a picture of the other jams I’ve purchased from Mrs. V’s Preserves.  I’m looking forward to trying the Pear Ginger jam, keep your eyes peeled for a post.

Nan’s Chili Sauce

13 10 2009

Price: Big jar is $12 and the smaller one is $8

Bought at: Inglewood Farmers Market

Nan's Chili Sauce

Ever since picking up a jar of this at a local farmers market I’ve kept a constant supply.  That says a lot considering it costs a pretty penny.  I recently went to the last farmers market before winter so I stocked up on Nan’s Chili Sauce.  They even gave me a free jar because I bought so many throughout the summer!

At first I ate it strictly with steak but I enjoyed the flavour so much I started experimenting with other foods.  In doing so I realized it goes great with other meat like chicken and pork.  Some other more obscure pairings I discovered are with eggs and chicken pot-pie.  For those who enjoy spice there is also a Smokin’ Chili Sauce which has the same ingredients as Nan’s but with cayenne and hot peppers.


Nan's & Steak

Nan’s Chili Sauce with a side of steak and garlic shrimp

Nan's & Eggs

Nan’s & Eggs (The sausage may look a bit odd, they’re South African, 100% beef. I didn’t like the spices that were used in them)


11 10 2009

I’m going to start this off with my favourite sauce/dip/sandwich spread/dressing etc. out there, Ranch.  I’ve been known to add Ranch to pretty much everything.  This creamy condiment, originally created as a salad dressing, has the versatility of a Swiss Army Knife.  Some of my favourite foods to accompany Ranch are chicken wings, pizza, baby carrots, lasagna (especially leftover, Ranch gives it some moisture back), sandwiches, and I guess lettuce.

I began my love affair with Ranch while I was a poor student.  I found myself buying mayo for sandwiches but it’s uses were extremely limited within my diet (I’d use it strictly on sandwiches).  One day I was making a turkey sandwich and ran out of (probably left out of the fridge) mayonnaise.  The only creamy substitute I had in my fridge was Ranch I had recently bought for pizza because I was sick of paying $1.00 for dipping sauce.  I squirted some Ranch on my toasted bun and dove in.  My fridge hasn’t been the same since.  There’s always a bottle of Ranch dressing top shelf between the orange juice and milk.  Nowadays I have a hard time tracking down Mayo which is usually on the bottom shelf behind a pickle jar.  The versatility of Ranch dressing has made it a permanent staple in my refrigerator.

11 10 2009

Using text and photos I plan to present you with my exploration through sauces, dressings, preserves, dips, salsas, condiments, seasonings, rubs, and jams. Enjoy!